Veteran's Eye Exams

Here at Complete Eye Care, we proudly serve the veteran population through the VA, TriWest, and TriCare. We provide eye care services outside the VA Hospital so it is more easily accessible to the veterans in our area. During the exam, a thorough evaluation of the eye health is performed and an eyeglass prescription is determined. Please call the VA directly at 866-606-8198 to schedule an appointment at Complete Eye Care. The VA will then call our office once an authorization has been released to get your appointment scheduled.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Veteran Eye Care Services

1. How do I set up an appointment?

Please call the VA directly at 866-606-8198 to have them schedule your eye exam at Complete Eye Care in Westminster, CO. We ask that you specifically request our office or the VA may send you to a different location. The VA requires the patient to call to request the eye exam appointment.

2. How do I use my glasses benefit?

The VA often provides 1 set of eyeglasses per year. During the exam, we will determine your glasses prescription. We will print this out for you and give you the list of VA selected opticals that provide you with your glasses benefit. In addition, we offer veteran discount pricing for any additional pairs that you may like to get at our office.

3. Does the VA offer a contact lens benefit?

The VA will only cover medically necessary contacts. This is usually for keratoconus, aphakia, iris anomalies and other medical conditions. Our doctors are trained to fit these specialty lenses so the veteran can see with their best vision possible. If you have any questions, please call the VA at 866-606-8198 to determine your eligibility.